Protocol on How to Solubilize Membrane Proteins with CHAPS

  1. Wash cells with cold PBS.
  2. resuspend the cells in ice. cold TE buffer (10mm Tris, pH 7.4, 2mm EDTA)
  3. Wash 2x in ice-cold TE (rotating in 40,000 x g, 8 minutes each time)
  4. For 36 mM CHAPS in PBS with stirring in the cold (for example on ice or in a cold room), adding the cells resuspended in ~ 1 mL TE buffer dropwise.
  5. dissolve the protein with stirring for 30 minutes in a cold room after adding cells was added dropwise.
  6. Spin the sample is dissolved in the 100,000 x g, 10 min.
  7. Use the supernatant, which contains dissolved proteins, for further analysis or purification.