How to Perform a Gel Extraction

  1. The use of a comb with wider wells to pour agarose gel
  2. digesting about 1-2ug DNA (7-14 uL of Miniprep a)
  3. Run the gel at 80V for as long as possible (it will probably take more than one hour to run)
  4. while the gel is running, adjust the heating block to 50 degrees; get eppendorf tube, spatula, razor ready; weigh empty eppendorf tube and recorded its weight
  5. after the gel is finished running, the gel into the apparatus for cutting gel
  6. UV light up to preparative (Use Dont analytically, as a high-energy UV will damage DNA)
  7. excise out the minimum number of agarose and place it into the tube eppendorf
  8. weigh samples in eppendorf tube and subtract out the weight of the tube eppendorf
  9. follow the instructions in the manual extraction of gel of any company that you buy from (eg Qiagen)